Unravelling the “magic” of Computers

For most of us computer applications are anything but magic. We are living in Information and Internet age where our lives are revolutionized in every possible way we can imagine. We see the magic in tools we use at work, see them in movies, at Internet we buy tickets and do online shopping, our smart phones have become an extension of ourselves, these are some of the practical things we need for our everyday life. Apparently this is not going to stop and their ubiquitous relationships with common man are so obvious we cannot escape from its touch. Most of us are consumers of the technology and remain an audience to the show the computer people or developers or the magicians put on.
Having said that do you know we already do some basic magic with the technology? Apps such as Facebook, Gmail and with so many other customizable online apps we perform those tasks such as filtering the mails using conditions, tune our privacy settings, we use logic there, we use some if conditions. Yes, we are all meant to be the real magicians. Whether you like it not you will have to learn to program to remain most productive, to save time and money.  Yes we need to learn the art of programming the machines or tasks that can help to get more out of our lives. We may be able to build a small assistant to ourselves where it works the way you want it to. Make them a companion to your skills. We may have to program our mobiles, computers, televisions and even household devices for quick customization. No need to look out for those technicians or app support anymore. Lot of tedious work-around, ever searching for alternatives for your best functioning applications can be prevented with the opportunity and knowledge to program. Let’s stop being helpless at hands of those computer applications did by others.
For job seekers, our education system of tomorrow has to train more sophisticated programmers. There are whole lots of statistics available to support the market need. Bigger and smarter organizations rely on these jobs to be able to function on changing global businesses. Kids have to learn these skills to be able adapt to tomorrow’s need.
Where do we start? As adults, as kids to learn the art of programming. This is where we at Coding-for-kids are catching the tide and putting our capabilities together to bring innovative teaching concepts to light and spread its usefulness and the techniques in simple ways. The Magic is not really magic anymore.